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What ever you want – sell, inform, entertain or  engage people, film can help you to do this easier, faster and in one of the most convinient way how to reach your recepient.

visual feeling LTD is a production house which creates content that meet your goals in an individual and most efficient way. From one-man-show up to a full production service – we will find what you need with a good chance to meet the best cost & performance value on the market.

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And this is what turns our passion in creating visual content into something that matters. The founder Timor started early to write stories and try to find the right pictures for them. Nowadays everyting changed. We have partners all around the world to offer a wide range of solutions for international film production. For us it’s more than just getting the job done, it’s a memorable time with a great team passionated about getting the best results.  

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individual content production to meet your goals

I love to cooperate. This isn’t only a lot more fun, it also enable me to offer you a wide range of services. Let’s choose what fits best for your needs and we will find a way to succeed. 

social media

Short content which fits your audience and communicate your needs. The best way is to think in campaigns. That will help (...)

tv spot

With TV you still reach a lot of people and it still has a higher trust than social media in some ways. If it fits your audience and (...)

image film

Tell your story and introduce your company. Let your customer know WHY you do what you do. Connect them to your brand in (...)

real estate

Don't sell a house but give your clients the chance to connect with a feeling to your real estate. How would they feel living (...)

mood film

Weather it's a cloth collection, a restaurant menue or an activity - dive into it and let your audience want to enjoy. Mood films help (...)

information film

Especially with complex topics you need to find an easy way to explain your customers what you mean or how it works. Film can (...)

hotel film

Let your guest see their room before they arrive and make them want to stay with you. Film can give you a huge benefit (...)


Save one of the most important moments in life and share it with your guest and the ones who couldn't attend. A film will (...)

narrative film

Don't spend media money on customers watching your ads, let them want to watch your content. Tell stories which (...)


Food is yummy in front of the camera and it attract potential guest to eat at your place. Be creative and have a visual menue (...)


have a look into some works

Here you get an idea of how „my“ films can look like. Your film will be individual, but if you look for a specific topic you want to see before thinking about a cooperation, please contact me – my archive is full of films and there likely is something which can be a reference for your project. 

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KME Studios | The Main Dish

Food is yummy but also has a visual taste. The Main Dish is one film of a trilogy and shows how to prepare a meal in a cinematic way. It was produced by KME Studios.

location | Rosenheim

client | KME Studios

production | KME Studios

concept | Timor Witt

camera | Timor Witt & Christian Weischer

cut | Timor Witt

sound design | Timor Witt & Benijamin Dorn

vfx | Jan Herms

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Tom Tailor | Mine 2 five

For the new cloth collection "mine 2 five" from Tom Tailor we created a little story. Cloth which is wearable for work as well as for after work.

location | Hamburg

client | Tom Tailor

production | WE LOVE artbuying 

concept | Corinna Umbach & Timor Witt

camera | Timor Witt

cut | Timor Witt

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The British Shop | Summer'22

This mood film presents the summer cloth collection of different british brands like Barbour, Wellington and Aigle. It's shot together with a photo shooting.

location | England

client | The British Shop

concept |  Timor Witt

camera | Timor Witt

cut | Timor Witt

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Christian Hübms | Aromenmenü

Christian Hümbs, the best pâtissier of Germany is preparing with us his unique meal, called „Aromenmenü“ as a world first premier. The Haerlin, the michelin-star restaurant of the four seasons hotel in Hamburg is the perfect location for such an event. Pâtisserie in a total different way. Instead of sweet, we get the real taste of a fresh forest what is an unforgetable tasty experience.

location | Hamburg

client | Christian Hümbs

production | White Plate

concept | Klaus Einwanger

camera | Timor Witt

cut | Sebastian Riepp

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